My favorite tree

Dated: April 30, 2020

Such an odd title for a post, I know, but I wanted to share this.

Since I wrote this post on April 30, by the time this is posted we would have moved.

When we first moved to what I’ve started to loving call Home 1.0 we had our first Thanksgiving here.

On that day, November 27, 2008, Melissa’s father gave us a little pine tree. We planted it in our property against the fence towards the field in the backyard.

I’ve often said that when we moved, this tree was going to come with us.

I honestly didn’t even realize how big this was until I was standing next to it recently.

This thing is huge, I don’t understand how it grew so tall in twelve years, but there is unfortunately know way that we could have taken it.

Trees have fallen down to the right of it and it still stands and grows.

While my heart breaks for our little (big) tree. I know that it will be happy where it is for some time now.

Hopefully, the new owners of the house will continue to let it grow and NOT cut it down for their own Christmas tree or just because they don’t like it.

I’d be happy to one day drive by and still see it standing there (or even at Rockefeller Center – mostly because I know that I had a hand in the celebration of that tree).

I’ll miss seeing you every day, old friend.

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