Miles’ last night in the house

Dated: 5/4/20

Tonight is Miles’ last day in this house.

I have a lot of emotions right now.

Melissa and I packed his room over the weekend. My thought was he wasn’t going to be ok with it. But, his first words when he saw his room was “this is so cool!” to our shock.

I was trying to get him to bed but he wanted to spend time downstairs. So I went down with him.

I was about to start my nightly chores (wash dishes, prep the coffee, fill the Brita, clean the kitchen and the living room) but I decided to spend some time with him.

Like a movie, I had flashes of past events with him in the living room. Bringing him home for the first time, watching him sleep in his rock and play, his first walks in the house, the fun he would have in this living room.

He played with a little guitar and set up a table with an empty bin and put together his “music center”. Tuned his guitar and played for me. 

I looked at Cassie and Chloe and thought back to their first time in this house. I thought of Peanut. I thought of the first time Melissa walked into this house. 

Brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.

Miles loved this house, his first house, his first home. 

I am laying with him in bed as he is falling asleep. His last time in this house. I keep hugging and kissing him.

It’s not like Miles is going away…he’s not going away. We are moving and leaving this place where we created such great memories.

But I have to remember that we aren’t leaving those memories and they are coming with us!

We all have some great memories of each other in this home.

As of my writing of this we are a few days away from moving. We will always love this house but we will soon love the next one and make many more amazing memories.

Editor’s note (5/12/19): Miles loves the new house and hasn’t stopped running around and exploring!

I just don’t have time to post any pictures! Haha!

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