The office in the new house

After years of having a glorified “office” in a closet sized room with a window, I finally have a room to call an office. Here is a picture that the real estate agent used when she put the old house on the market.

The old office was partially used early on when we didn’t have WiFi. Yes, that was a thing.

A few years later I found that one of our neighbors had WiFi and I “borrowed” it for some time. I used a laptop downstairs and didn’t go into the office aside from printing things. When my neighbor finally put a password finally on their WiFi I ended up getting a router for myself.

Eventually, the office would slowly become a real closet, and IT room with the router and the printer in there.

Now we are in the new house and we have a spare bedroom that we have dubbed the office. Because we are currently living with this pandemic I have been using the office daily. I love this room.

I, honestly, see this as my office. Sure it will be shared with Melissa and whoever is sleeping in the room (there is a day bed in the room). But I’m not looking to take this room over. I don’t want a “man cave”. I don’t want to be in here longer than I have to be. I just want a room to work that has more space than the previous office. A room that I can (not) write the next great blockbuster film or best selling novel. (I say not write because it has been so long since I’ve written any of my own fiction. But I do have a few writing projects with friends that have been put on hold since this whole quarantine has been going on). I can also write on the blog. I am excited about any and all possibilities.

I’m happy with the office right now, the desk is a folding table and it is treating me just fine. A few boxes that haven’t been unpacked.

There isn’t a rush, but, eventually, we’ll get a desk for the room.

Maybe I’ll even get a poster or two for the room!

I Photoshopped these posters just to see what they may look like. I probably won’t go this route. But it is fun to see how this could be

The future is bright. Looking forward to the possibilities.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens next in the office!

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