‘Upload’: TV Review

Where to find it: Prime Video

Spoilers ahead!

Off the top top of my head:

  • Saw the commercials and the trailer and thought this was Prime’s version of ‘The Good Place’
    • I was wrong 
    • Both two different shows
    • Both great
  • We had just finished watching ‘Space Force’ (review coming soon) and I was shocked to find out that this was created by Greg Daniels
    • Creator of ‘The Office’, ‘Parks and Rec’ and yes both ‘Space Force’ & ‘Upload’
    • This is the most different of the four shows
    • I’d say dramady (well, more comedy and drama – but definitely dramatic)
  • I believe my words to Melissa were: “all I want is something to binge”
    • And boy did I get it
  • I was pleasantly surprised by ‘Upload’
    • I went in with no expectations 
    • In fact, since I was so convinced that it was a rip off of ‘The Good Place’ that I was going to check out the first episode and move on to something else
    • It was so much better than I had anticipated
    • ‘Upload’ should not be compared with ‘The Good Place’ as both were so enjoyable to watch
  • Loved how the show takes place in a near future
    • Self driving cars
    • Watches that act like smart phones
    • Uploading one’s mind in a computer
  • Creed! Oh no!
  • The love story between Nathan and Nora 
    • Robbie Amell and Andy Allo have great chemistry 
  • From a writer’s perspective: loved the world building
    • There was an answer for everything on screen in the Uploaded world
  • Cigarette Smoking Man!
  • Can’t believe the show ended where it did and now I have to wait a year (probably longer) for the next season 
    • And, yes, Prime signed for another season

Would I recommend this:


Have you seen ‘Upload’? What did you think?

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