‘Mr. Robot’ season 1: TV Review

Where to find it: Originally on USA network now you can find it on Prime Video

Big spoilers abound

Off the top of my head:

  • Everyone was right this is a great show
    • Captured my attention from the first scene
    • Love hacker stories
    • From what I’ve heard the hacking aspect is very accurately portrayed
  • The running narrative instantly reminded me of Dexter
    • And then he burned a dvd/cd with the information he hacked on his Physiatrists’ boyfriends information
    • He put it in a cd case like Dexter put blood in a box 
  • Spoilers!
  • More comparison to Dexter
    • Elliot finds out that Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) is his father 
    • His father has been his conscious this whole time 
    • Show delves into a ‘Fight Club’ area with how father and son interact 
  • Darlene ends up being Elliot’s sister and this suddenly feels like Star Wars
    • Main character is related to everyone
    • He even kisses his sister
  • Tyrell and his wife Joanna reminded me of the Underwoods from ‘House of Cards’
    • Two people willing to do anything to anyone to gain more power
    • Insufferable villain that I can’t wait to see something happen to
  • In my opinion, the season started much stronger than it ended

Would I recommend it: yes, very binge worthy. We are watching season 2 right now

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