Keaton as Batman thoughts

I didn’t get a chance to say anything about the breaking news yesterday that Michael Keaton is in talks to play Batman again. This time in the Flash movie.

I’m fine with this news if they don’t disrespect the character: and by character I don’t mean Batman, but the Keaton/Burton Batman from 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns.

While I know most of the public see Batman Forever and Batman & Robin as sequels to the Burton era films (and they are) I don’t see this return as a retcon of the Kilmer/Clooney Batman.

Let’s be honest, the Joel Schumacher (who sadly passed away yesterday) films were a restart very similar to how James Bond was restarted with Casino Royals. They of course recast the main lead, the entire film had a different look and sound, Batman even had a different fighting style and the two movies (especially part 4) were not dark and more comedic; they were essentially a restart with two cast members the exact same. Alfred and Commissioner Gordon. Casino Royals kept Madam Judy Dench as M. However, the entire…everything, was completely different.

So, by don’t disrespect the character, keep him the same. Don’t make him funny or stupid or kill him off or anything that will tarnish my or countless others memories of this version of Batman.

And if you do, don’t bother to bring him back. This isn’t going to fix the DC cinematic universe. This is going to be just a ploy to bring people back into the theaters.

How do you feel? Leave your comments below.

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