Peacock streaming service

Let me just start by saying: I’m so tired of all these streaming services.

First we had Netflix, then Hulu, and Prime. I actually think Netflix and Prime are great, but, I could do without Hulu. I don’t really have much use for it.

Disney + is good, and I throughly enjoy it and having all those films, easily, at my disposal.

Melissa got a new phone a few months ago and we now have Apple TV + or whatever it is called, but, I’ve never watched anything on there. Honestly, I forget that is even an option.

HBO Max came out a month ago or so and we have it and haven’t used it. Although its more like Warner Media streaming under the cool guise of HBO.

Let’s toss WWE Network into the mix as well. I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed since the inception of this streaming service back in February of 2014. I’m burnt on wrestling and I don’t even watch it aside from the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. I have my subscription paid off until August because I had a gift card. But I probably won’t renew until next year around the Rumble.

I don’t really have any interest in spending money on CBS All Access aside from the ‘Picard’ series.

NBC Universal is throwing their name into the fray with Peacock.

While I had absolutely no interest in purchasing this streaming service, it looks as if there is a free tier with over 13,000 hours of content (tv shows and movies).

There are two additional pay tiers: $4.99 a month for 20,000 hours of content and $9.99 a month for that content Ad-Free.

I’m not going to pay for the next tier, but, I will enjoy the movies that are on there. I already like how you can watch the “channels” on there, reminds me of SiriusXM, and how you can scroll through News, SNL, The Office Shorts, they even have a channel dedicated to Fail Army which you can find on YouTube but this is great.

I’d be more willing to pay for an upgrade after being given a taste of the product (in this case a new (unnecessary) streaming service than being forced to pay for it.

Have you downloaded Peacock? What do you think?

Where does this rank along with the rest of the streaming services?

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