“My inner archeologist is loving this”

We moved to our new house back in May of last year. We really didn’t get a chance to explore the property.

Mind you, this isn’t a big property, but by May plants and trees were in full bloom.

One corner of our property always gets water and we stay away from it (one day I’ll like to level it out to ensure we don’t have this water issue and open up the back yard more). Melissa saw something shiny in that area and went to investigate.

It was glass. A lot of it.

Last year we found some random pieces of glass. Mostly from wine glasses. The previous owners had a wedding in the backyard so I always assumed that was what it was.

What Melissa found was an entire area covered with what looked like broken milk bottles.

Today we went over and saw how bad it is.

The glass is covering the entire area. Growing inside tree roots, and of all different sizes and colors. Also, there was more than glass! There were pieces of old machinery and broken plates and jars.

I took pictures of course:

We filled a bucket and didn’t even make a dent.

After thinking about it my first assumption was that prior to the house being built in the late 70’s this area was actually farm land. Perhaps this was where a group of people may have hung out and tossed there garbage wherever.

After seeing the extent of the glass and stuff we found my next thought was that years ago there weren’t the garbage collectors that would come weekly. People had to dispose of their garbage wherever. Since this area may have been forest perhaps this was where people got rid of their stuff.

Needless to say, we didn’t make much of a difference in what we did today. We will be back.

I will say this: my inner archeologist was loving every second of it.

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