The New Music Videos of Andre´ Joseph

With the busy year I have been having under my actual name, I honestly lost track of how often I promoted my work here. So today, I’m posting all the latest music videos that I produced under my production company AJ Epyx Productions in 2021 for my friends Milan Lazistan and Zoiea Ohizep:

“Angelina” – Milan Lazistan

“Angelina” is a a pandemic-themed music video project for award-winning musician Milan Lazistan from his album “The Neverending Summer“. The story follows two people connecting through a dating site whose lives change while separated in quarantine. It was recently screened at this year’s Atlantic City Cinefest.

“Sunrise” – Zoiea Ohizep

“Sunrise” was a video I produced for my friend, singer/songwriter Zoiea Ohizep and was recorded by Bob Baldwin in 2005 from his album All in a Days Work.

“Inspire Us” – Milan Lazistan

An alien couple takes a long awaited honeymoon to beautiful planet Earth! During their long stay (that begins in ancient Egypt) they notice how the world begins changing and they begin to evolve with it up until technology, social media, and pollution begin to take away from the romance. Their fairy tale honeymoon ends with the birth of their alien baby and the hope for a brighter, greener, happier tomorrow! This video which took 2 years in the making is from Milan’s previous album, Music at Midnight.

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