Justin Timberlake might play Two-Face?

This is probably the biggest what the fuck I’ve heard in a long time…since probably the last time Timberlake was said to have been in talks to be in a movie (Die Hard 4.0 playing John McClaine’s son).

Here is the article from cinescape.com:

Movie News
Timberlake is Two-Face About BATMAN Sequel

Dateline: Monday, July 4, 2005

Source: Tonight.co and Bang Media International

Rumors are going around that pop star Justin Timberlake is being considered for the role of Two-Face in the follow up to BATMAN BEGINS.

An anonymous source stated, “Justin would be a perfect choice. He is getting more and more into a film career alongside his music one.”

Now I don’t know how smart of an idea it would be to put Timberlake as Two-Face in the next film, besides, I thought it was supposed to be Joker giving the ending to Batman Begins.

Oh well.


4 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake might play Two-Face?

  1. yo marcos its a me carlo, i read it was just rumors and over exposure to the directors arent considering it, they are tooo smart for a qucik cash business move also i saw a movie picture of the joker and it said the new batman movie is coming out in 2008

  2. Interesting, I’m going to have to check my movie rumor sites.

    Good! It would be a bad decision. I did hear that a possible Joker would be Sean Penn. I don’t know if I believe it nor do I think that Sean Penn would do a Batman movie.

    Send me the link to your site.

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