17 thoughts on “Collars

  1. lol! Melissa dog Bae…I’ll post a picture:

    hope that clears things up…sorry, I was just lazy and didn’t post pics to go with the two names

  2. yeah, Bae lives in South Jersey, she came up here for a visit one day when Melissa came to pick me up a few years ago, and she met Mathew…Mathew didn’t like her and all of his hairs stood up and he hissed and freaked out. I wish I had a tape of it, it would have been hysterical to watch it.

    Mathew is doing good, I visit him almost everyday now that my student teaching is actually in my home town, though my commute in the morning from the apartment is a bitch!

  3. Neat…yeah my cat is the same way with most dogs. Kinda freaky, you gotta just pick him up and take him outta the room.

    Sorry for the late response, catching up again!

  4. late response! no no no. I’m sorry, I’ve been massively busy. BLAH! Too much work and too much of it I don’t even care about. Nice to be back though, are you enjoying the updates?

  5. ohh! let me make that one a little more clear, if you think you’re response was late…you sent this to me on the 18th almost a week ago, I appologize for how late it actually is.

  6. LOL…yes, I do this “college” thing too often.

    I can’t wait until next semester (late October), these classes are so boring…have an online midterm to do tonight.

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