My Labor Day was exciting….

…nope, I lied, it sucked. I was stuck behind a desk at Warnock Dodge on Rt. 10 not doing anything from 10 to about 6 and today just felt like one big fucking waste. At least I got paid. Blah! Big fucking blah!

Anyway, I haven’t updated my blog for a while because I’ve been tired, or busy, or bored or writing or just not feeling like doing anything. I usually use this as a way to entertain myself but have just been seeing it as another chore. And it was never meant to be that. But I think I’ll be using it a lot more in the coming weeks. Simply put, I just haven’t been happy for whatever reason the last couple of weeks…

Let’s see, let me try to catch up real quick…last weekend we went up to see Jenna, Melissa’s sister who was alone in her apartment for the weekend with Melissa’s cousins Lauren and Stacey (also known as Sweetness from Ethan Ross) and Chris. We went out to eat to celebrate Jenna and Stacey’s 21st and 23rd birthdays (respectively).

Here some pics please click the thumbnails for bigger pictures:

We ended up going back to Jenna’s apartment and watching Robert Rodregez’s (sp) and Frank Miller’s Sin City.

Great movie. Better than I expected. But I should have expected a lot from Robert Rodrigez, he doesn’t give us crap…even The Faculty was a good movie. If you have a chance to see this movie, check it out. I give it two thumbs up and eight and a half out of ten stars. Its worth buying. And I’ll probably pick it up when I see it at Blockbuster.

On the way back we decided to buy packs of Big League Chew and have a bubble contest since we knew that we’d get bored on the way back to New Jersey. I think Chris was the winner…though I only got a shot of the bubble as it was popping all over his face.

During the week not much happened. Fucking Saturn finally put the final straw on the camel called Chevy Warnock’s back and we closed the doors on the store on Wed., but not before I was thrown into a Cherry picker and put thirty feet into the air to paint the sign white…here are those pics.

(and I was only wearing that ridiculus outfit because I didn’t want to get my cloths all messed up…so no laughing!)

Yeah, so if you drive by Ridgedale Ave and you see this sign, I painted the damn thing. Smile and laugh if you want, but I know I’m the man.

Thursday I went to some meeting in Livingston and met my cooperating teacher, she is really nice and we’ll have a good time but I know I’m going to tear my hair out and strip naked and run in the streets by the time october comes…just a feeling…

Friday I went back to Chevy…er…I mean Warnock Motor Sales Inc…

now they are strikely in the used car sales till everything gets figured out. There are only five people there, Ken the manager, I’m assuming he’s moved from Sales Manager to GM of the store for the time being. Hummerz is still there along with Joe Byrnes, Ralph and Jackie the receptionist. I’ll be sure to drop by whenever I get a chance and may even see if, time permitting, I can stop by for a few minutes tomorrow before fucking class! God dammit!

Saturday we had to get up and run over to my house because my parents went away for the weekend and Mathew needed to be fed. He was funny, I went to work again and Melissa stayed home at my parents house and did laundry and was harassed all day by the cat.

He really does love his Melissa.

Saturday night Melissa and I joined Hummerz and Stephanie at Tiffany’s, the bar and resturuant in Morris Plains. It was a really fun time and I look forward to going back throughout the school year to forget about those damn kids and shit like that. I could go for a cigarette right about now…just kidding…

Anyway, Sunday morning after getting up and getting Mathew some more food…

…we went with Hummerz to Costco with his Costco card.

Needless to say we kind of went nuts and bought a whole bunch of shit and Hummerz got his Cheese balls and was happy. He also got me a Costco card.

He messed up my last name, making it Cossi instead of what it really is, and I won’t put what it really is on this blog, but it made a lot of people laugh. But he’s the man and he better not fucking forget it. Not just for getting me the card but because of many reason, being a friend one of them.

Later Sunday, Melissa and I went to Target and I purchased House season one on DVD

probably the greatest show to come out of last season I look forward to seeing the new season on Fox tuesday night at nine starting September 13th. And they don’t even pay me for the shameless plug. Just fucking watch it!

Anyway, I’m out, heading to bed.

Its nice to catch up huh?


2 thoughts on “My Labor Day was exciting….

  1. flammable says:

    wow, awesome post. this definitely makes up for the quietness. great pictures, i love the commentary too.

    am working on something for ya here, but won’t know till morning if it fails or succeeds. if it succeeds, will do a few more and pay the post office a visit. 🙂 if it fails, i’ll have to figure something else out, i’ve got a few ideas.

    i hope your machine is working alright now. as i said in the email, we just have one tiny thing to do to make sure it stays up to date, and then you won’t have to worry about it ever again. really.

    hmm, what else. that’s about it, i think. started school again, it’s a pain in the ass but it’s not bad. can’t wait until i can stop the general ed crap and take the good stuff (tech courses).

    i gotta give my journal/blog an update eventually, been lazy too. i stop completely when it becomes more of a burden than a help, i totally understand where you’re coming from. take care.

  2. socramforever says:

    yeah, the blog is supposed to make me happy, but when news and stuff is dry and nothing really interesting happens or I’m working on my script or on myspace then things tend to be slow. I think I’m going to need to vent on here though

    talk to you later man, I’m going to try and update tonight with something.

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