Santa Cat

Melissa bought Mathew (the mascot of the blog) a Santa suit, and we put it on him today (before the wedding) and here is the result of it. He was so mad at us for putting it on him. Enjoy the pics:

What a good cat. We’ll put him in it again when it comes closer to Christmas.


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  1. haha, you’re right…be glad mathew didn’t attack you guys.

    i bet putting that on him was only second to giving him a bath. 🙂

  2. hahahah!

    You’re right, he was plotting in his mind how he would sufficate us in the middle of the night by sitting on our faces…then he re-thought it and figured if we weren’t around no one would feed him.

  3. I have thought about this before. The possibilty of cats taking over if they had opposable thumbs…scary…forget Apes, it would be Planet of the Cats.

    I remember when I was younger I used to read Disney Adventure magazine, and they had a comic for Darkwing Duck and they had a villian exclusive to the magazine that was a cat who had invented a suit that gave him opposable thumbs. And when Darkwing finally caught him they removed the suit and he was left in a jail cell and was looking at his hands sadly…just thought I’d add that in.

  4. he was a professor for Contemporary Film Studies and Playwriting. But I don’t know which shows he did, I wanted to, I wish I could find out which one’s he had a hand in. This guy, whether he knows it or not had a hand in our childhood.

  5. HAHA! This is true about Michael Jackson.

    His last name was Donoff, and I think when I did it two years ago his name came up, but it didn’t help any. I’ll try again.

  6. HAHA! This is true about Michael Jackson.

    His last name was Donoff, and I think when I did it two years ago his name came up, but it didn’t help any. I’ll try again.

  7. Ohh! his name was Martin Donoff, but I don’t think his name comes up on the internet properly, he was either under another name or something like that. But you can look it up if you want. And if you find out which episodes of Tail Spin he was apart of, that would be awesome!

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