45 thoughts on “Triple H and Stephanie…

  1. Maybe he’ll go through stages in his life…single H, double H, and then at the age of 18, maybe he’ll become the new triple H and take the place of his dear old dad.

  2. no, no, its cool man, its too early in the moring and I just got up, so I’m in the same mind frame that you’re in. But I completely understand what you’re saying here. Great stuff. Writing is about doing it at odd hours because you get the best stuff…

  3. Oh definitely…if you’re not, then either there’s something wrong with you on a daily basis, or you’re just thinking logically like everyone else (which is lame for writing, most of the time).

  4. that’s it. I’ll quit my subbing and you quit your Target job and we’ll go write wrestling storylines…what do you say?

  5. I completely agree. My best writing was always done late at night with no one up. Maybe that’s what my problem is now. I don’t stay up to try and write. I just don’t write period!

  6. Yeah! Then there’s nobody to break your concentration, so you can delve further into your mind without the fear that someone’s going to interrupt.

  7. and its usually me who grows currious as to who might have e-mailed me at that late time and I check my mail or something. who would e-mail me at that time?

  8. 9 times out of 10 its you…

    do you realize how old this thread is? it was before my birthday…that’s crazy!

  9. yeah! sorry I haven’t responded back to these in a while. I get busy, but I’m sure you understand completely

  10. I’m at the high school subbing and they have great computers here to access stuff like livejournal comments (not livejournal the site–I don’t understand how that’s possible) so I decided to go through all of my comments and messages.

  11. Nice! Maybe they have a crappy filter, that can filter out livejournal.com but not socramforever.livejournal.com.

    Oh well, at least you’re defeating the filter. 😀

  12. yeah, and I’m doing it right now again. I tried to get on the site, but your right, maybe socramforever.livejournal isn’t blocked. I’ll give it a few weeks before they realize that this page shouldn’t be there and it’ll be blocked….

  13. shhhh!!!! god, I’m on it right now from the high school…this is the only time I have to actually do this…now don’t go telling anyone yourself…

  14. You know, I’m not sure where I was going with that…but it makes sense as a stab at George W. Bush, I’m all for that. 😀

  15. Take stabs at George W. Bush? Uh…maybe the Daily Show is better at that. I’m just a novice, they’ve had years of practice. 🙂

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