20 thoughts on “Wow

  1. I have to post the CMWF HOPDOWN! and last nights PAW, do you read these? I started it because of a convo we had on the blog about Peanut winning the title…some funny stuff.

  2. to be honest, i don’t…well, cause i don’t understand a word of it. i guess this is how people feel when i talk tech. 🙂

  3. I’m not looking back to see the rest of this conversation…but I do see where it is going…

  4. where is what going?

    lets see how long we can keep this one going without looking back…

    how long you think before one of us snaps? Its the trust system, I’m trusting that you dont look back.

  5. weather’s kinda crappy…it’s raining for like the next couple days. my whole town has a yard sale every year (the whole town), and it’s scheduled for saturday…i hope it still goes on, we’ve moved all of the crap out of the basement and upstairs. i want it all out of the house, except for my stuff, which needs to be sold for billions of dollars on ebay. the people in this town wouldn’t know what a usb floppy drive is worth if it hit them in the face. 🙂

    you should come down and take some crap away! we’ve got really comfy desk chairs (leather!) since my brothers moved out and didn’t want to take them.

  6. He moved into Philly…cause he’s going to school at the Art Institute (for photography).

    Not a bad deal, it’s gotten much quieter around here since…

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