Crystal Pepsi commercial

So, this morning on my way in to work and since Opie & Anthony are pretty much off by that point in time I have my iPod on and I’m listen to my entire compilation of songs and music on random and the Van Halen song Right Now comes on and I get taken back to the first time I heard that song. 1993, I didn’t even know who Van Halen was but I knew what they were advertising. It was the newest sensation, Crystal Pepsi. It was a Pepsi drink without the “cola” in it. Instead of the dark Pepsi that people all new and loved, no it was clear. The future was “right now”.

Then, when the whole MP3 rage started when I was in high school and I was on AOL on the MP3 chat rooms trying to download songs I came across “Right Now” by Van Halen and remembering the lyrics to the song I downloaded it and gave myself chills just thinking back to when the future was “right now” with Crystal Pepsi.

Besides the fact that it flopped and its considering one of those big failures like New Coke, I can’t seem to shake the commercial with Van Halen’s song (I know love Van Halen even though they are no longer a real band anymore and have not been since David Lee Roth left the group but I didn’t know that back in 1993 when Crystal Pepsi came out, but I now have a bunch of their songs on my iPod)with the baby and the quick images of things and Crystal Pepsi. God I loved the 90’s and all the different eras from the early 90’s to the mid-90’s to the late 90’s they all have different feelings to them. But I digress.

I figured that the best place to find the commercial now would be on, and I was right, here it is, enjoy:

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