Starting the Christmas List Early

A few weeks ago I sent my father a book that I wanted for Christmas (he’s always purchased books for me around Christmas, and as I get older, that will never change, I love books). Unfortunately that book is going to be published in February or March, so I’m out of luck. But!!! Just so that I don’t forget, I’m posting these on here as a reminder to myself, I tend to loose my e-mails if I send them to myself…

I just saw two DVDs that I would love to have apart of my collection. No one is going to want me to have them, but I want them, haha, and that’s what counts right?

First up, from’s description:

Edge: A Decade of Decadence

Fans may love to hate Edge, but they’ll love this impressive collection of matches where Edge has won the WWE Championship (2 times), World Heavyweight Championship (2 times), Intercontinental Championship (5 times), U.S. Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, and World Tag Team Championship (11 times!). To date, the “Rated R Superstar” has never had a DVD collection highlighting his amazing career, but Edge: A Decade of Decadence changes that. This 3-DVD set will feature dozens of the greatest matches and moments from Edge’s career.

The Edge DVD does not have cover art yet, it comes out Nov. 4th.

And second, also from

WWE: Hell in a Cell

It s the most demonic structure in WWE, and careers have been permanently altered by its unforgiving steel. Some of the biggest superstars in WWE history, including Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Undertaker, Triple H, Batista, and more, have had signature moments in the Cell. Now, for the first time, fans can watch the greatest Hell in the Cell match in WWE history as they are all featured in their entirety in this collector s set.

That one comes out Oct. 7th.

Christmas is just around the corner…


One thought on “Starting the Christmas List Early

  1. I’ve started using this for things I want:

    You can send anyone your wish list, and they can find it if they know your email address. Think I’ll make a separate Xmas list for this. The button I linked above lets you add things that aren’t on to your Amazon wish list. 🙂

    In previous years, I’ve wanted to design my own site for an Xmas list, but this is much easier.

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