Cassie Mae

Here are some pics of Cassie at the house. I know its been a little slow on the blog, but with a puppy I don’t really have that much time to play around, haha.

Peanut Chew has been doing surprisingly well with Cassie as each day goes on. He’s so much better this time around compared with Rocket (knock on wood). He’s my tiny dancer!

I do have a bunch of things to post on here, like Johnny Depp signing for a fourth Pirates movie and Nic Cage signing for a third Treasure movie and more!

hello? anyone in there? i don’t get it…

One thought on “Cassie Mae

  1. Way cool, much cuter than Rocket.

    So glad Peanut’s getting along, too! That is, after all, his house. All of you just happened to live in it.

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