Slightly bored at work today, the kids left around 1 pm and I, like the rest of the teachers were stuck for parent-teacher conferences and in between parents I was reading up on SkyNet…yes, that’s right, SkyNet, as in the main antagonist of the entire Terminator series. The main machine or computer system that destroys not only mankind but also sends Terminators back in time to kill Sarah and John Connor and all of the people that are meant to help him in the future.

I was obviously on Wikipedia, because where else could you find such in depth info on SkyNet…I kid of course but I came across this word (Sapience) and I click on the link to follow it because it looked pretty cool and so its my new favorite word…will I find a way to bring it into my lexicon (another new favorite word from a previous posting about a month ago or so which means my vocabulary) and so below you will find the definition for Sapience right out of

Sapience is often defined as wisdom, or the ability of an organism or entity to act with appropriate judgment. Judgment is a mental faculty which is a component of intelligence or alternatively may be considered an additional faculty, apart from intelligence, with its own properties. Robert Sternberg [1] has segregated the capacity for judgment from the general qualifiers for intelligence, which is closer to cognizant aptitude than to wisdom. Displaying sound judgment in a complex, dynamic environment is a hallmark of wisdom.
The word sapience is derived from the Latin word sapientia, meaning wisdom.[2] Related to this word is the Latin verb sapere, which means “to taste, to be wise, to know”; the present participle of sapere forms part of Homo sapiens, the Latin binomial nomenclature created by Carolus Linnaeus to describe the human species. Linnaeus had originally given humans the species name of diurnus, meaning man of the day. But he later decided that the dominating feature of humans was wisdom, hence application of the name sapiens. His chosen biological name was intended to emphasize man’s uniqueness and separation from the rest of the animal kingdom.

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