Ideal Christmas gift for every single day of Cos’ life…

A few days ago, on facebook, I update my “status” (pretty much its simply a place on facebook to tell everyone how and what you’re doing, where you are, or something funny, perhaps even comment about something that is currently happening or pretty much anything) by saying: “Marcos is wondering what the hell is a gigawatt is and how it’ll get me back to 1985…” obviously reference my personal favorite trilogy of all time (and its not Pirates because only the first one was truly great) Back to the Future. Its this trilogy that really made me pursue film.

After posting that “status” on face book I received a bunch of comments on my page for the “status”, here are some:

you’ll actually need 1.21

You’ll also require a Flux Capacitor.

Just find a bolt of lightning. That’s easy.

Jon D
It will strike the clock tower…

Now all of these recommendations are all well and good but I was missing one thing, so I commented back:

All I need now is a DeLorean! Those should be easy to find seeing that they stopped making them in the mid-80’s…thanks guys…

To which a few people responded back with some suggestions:

they’re all over ebay. trust me, i look all the time. yes, i am a loser.

Just steal this guy’s car:

22k buy it now on this one… 14k currently in bids

Now, I know this is only a dream gift, I only put Christmas because how close it is right now (but judging by how stores decorate in this day and age I thought Christmas was going to happen back in August) but I’ve always wanted one of these:

Yes, that’s right, above are picture of a DeLorean, the car made famous by not only the fact that it had doors that opened going up but by the trilogy Back to the Future. That one in particular is on sale on Ebay for 22k, its off of the post that Peter did above if you scroll back and just click the really big link you’ll see it.

If anyone reading this somehow falls into about 22 thousand dollars between now and Christmas, you know exactly what I want!


PS the above post was entered at 2:10, a few minutes later (it is now 2:34) I was on facebook and on the side they always have advertisements for things that I can just assume are added by what you write about on your page. Well, this site came up: with this picture:

I guess if I can’t get a DeLorean, maybe someone could pitch in and get me one of these.

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