California to split up? had this up about a proposed “idea” about splitting up California because of how bad the budget is in the state:

California: Breaking up is hard to do
California’s budget problems are kind of like the boy who cried “wolf.” Nobody pays attention anymore. Well, hardly anybody. A radical idea that would split California into four distinct states garnered some attention on the Buzz. Commenters chimed in with their thoughts. Some even suggested names including Calidormia (for the “bedroom communities and burbs all across the state”) and Califarmia (for the huge agricultural regions). The commenter notes that Calinormia could make for a nice state, but, alas, normal doesn’t exist out west. Experts argue that the proposal doesn’t have a chance of working, but we say “never say never.” This is the state the elected Conan the Destroyer, after all.

Hmm…53 states…that would be cool.


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  1. Haha yeah, probably not happening. Then we’d have 53 states, which isn’t a round number.

    Though, if Texas splits off, we’d be down to 52 – I’m sure we can make that up. I mean, North and South Dakota, what’s the difference?

    • You know what, that might work. But, you know what a lot of people don’t know, that Alaska is actually the largest state, but most of it is just forest and land that is not used. There is only a small portion of it that actually has people living on it. With that said, I think there might be enough land to make it to 60 states…what do you think?

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