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Well, for Mick Foley, this is his forth autobiography (just because you call it a diary or journal doesn’t mean it isn’t a biography Mick) and I posted about this back in June of 09 (Mick Foley writing Fourth autobiography?) But I really wanted to mention Goldust’s book first (not the first time Goldust has been mentioned on the blog, by the way: ECPW on


I saw that Goldust aka Dustin Rhodes has a biography coming out later this year on December 14th currently titled: “Cross Rhodes – Goldust Out of the Darkness.” I was just thinking earlier this week that WWE hasn’t had a biography come out and sure enough I read this. I don’t think there is another person (aside from The Undertaker) who is currently on the WWE roster who’s career deserves to be chronicled in a WWE biography. I mean, Goldust is a character who’s been around since the raunchy (and amazing) Attitude Era, and although he did bounce to WCW and TNA he always seems to come back to WWE. has a link, but they haven’t published the cover art yet, so keep checking back to see what it looks like:

I do wish that he was a bigger player in WWE and not reduced to comic skits here and there. I really wish that his first match in a long time on Raw against Sheamus was just as good if not better than the ones they had in ECW (am I the only one that misses ECW? I mean, they treated Goldust, Christian, Zack Ryder, Yoshi Tatsu, and a whole bunch of other guys better when they had the “3rd” brand, now they’ve been reduced to Superstars or not at all…I’m not a fan of NXT). Goldust should be a threat, if only because of his veteran status not the guy that jobs to the younger talent. I mean, I get it, put over the younger talent, but I don’t think its fair that people like Triple H and Undertaker are still huge and Goldust isn’t…but who am I. Maybe I’m in the minority…

…and I like Goldust, even if he is strange…dammit…

Mick Foley:

Any, Mick Foley has another book coming out, and if you looked at the link above, at that time it was called Crossing the Line, now its called “Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal” and it comes out on Oct. 1st. To be fair, in the link dated June 17th, 2009 I mentioned that:

“…most recently (probably like three years ago) I bought and attempted to read his third book, but I had trouble with it. Its still sitting waiting to be finished. I would highly be interested in finishing it, but every time we get into something really interesting, he interjects some other rant of a story, or something not even wrestling related. And I’m not one to skip, I have to read every damn page. So I stopped. It was that simple.”

But I’d like to say that after posting that June 17th, 2009 I finished the book. I enjoyed it. It was short, and only focused on his match at WWE’s ECW One Night Stand 2006. After reading it I was really interested in re-watching the match. I enjoyed it. I still think his first book was the best, but that’s just me. I think he should have waited to write another book, possibly after he was completely done with wrestling. But that’s just me.

At this point, what would writing a  fifth autobiography do? That’s right, nothing. I’d probably buy it too.

Anyway, does have this one, so check that out:

I just want to say, I’d like both of these books for Christmas…anyone listening? Hello?

Random thoughts, too many guys on this post, especially with Goldust, I need to balance that out, so um…here’s a former WWE diva Stacy Keibler (that should do it):

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