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Unlike Pompeii, which I have never finished reading (but still plan on it!) (don’t know what I’m talking about? Pompeii to be made into movie! or Polanski out of Pompeii?!) I actually finished reading Ender’s Game on August 28th of this year, as you can see by the related link below. Which reminds me I still would like to post some thoughts about it. I bought the “second” but, like typical me, I got distracted and started reading some Graphic Novels that Adam let me borrow. I’ll be back to Speaker For The Dead soon enough.

Anyway, I saw this today and all I can say is of all the directors, not him. I didn’t like Wolverine…(sighs and hangs head low). There has to be someone better out there that won’t butcher this.

From joblo.com, take this as a hot rumor only, nothing confirmed as of yet:

Wolverine director Gavin Hood set to helm sci-fi classic Ender’s Game?

by: Eric Walkuski Sep. 21, 2010

The classic sci-fi novel (that I’ve never read) ENDER’S GAME has always been on the verge of making a transition to the big screen, but it’s just never happened. Years ago, director Wolfgang Petersen was attached to the flick, with a screenplay written by ENDER’S author Orson Scott Card, but the film obviously never materialized. It’s one of those books that the big-time fans are at once hesitant to see hacked up by Hollywood, yet intrigued by a cinematic vision of the world they hold dear. (There are apparently eleven novels in the Ender’s Series in total, as well as ten short stories.)

Hollywood is getting ready to take another crack at the project, and sources tell the L. A. Times that Gavin Hood (Best Foreign Film winner TSOTSI, WOLVERINE) is the director that independent production company Odd Lot Entertainment wants to take charge. Hood has evidently already re-written the Card script (yeah, because what does the author know?) and is actively developing the movie as we speak…

The first book’s synopsis: The novel asks: What does it take to successfully lead men into battle? The buggers have invaded Earth twice. The last time mankind survived only because of the brilliance of Mazer Rackham, commander of the International Fleet. Years later, a third invasion is feared and a new commander is sought. Ender Wiggin is only six years old when he is plucked to succeed Rackham and sent to the space station Battle School. He is isolated, ridiculed, bullied, and persecuted—but he survives and thrives. Using his astonishing intelligence, the boy learns to be a top-notch solider and, despite his youth and small stature, is quickly promoted up the ranks. By the age of 12, Ender learns the art of command and earns the respect and fear of his fellow soldiers.

Sounds like a very large-scale production that would easily take several years to bring to completion. Hood successfully navigated a big-budget, top-priority studio film in WOLVERINE (although of course there were rumors that he dealt with Fox interference), but could he handle something this massive? Guess we’ll have to wait and see… Although first we’ll just have to wait and see if it’s true to begin with…

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