Bunnies that turned to the Dark Side


Melissa and I have often called Peanut “Dexter” after the main character of the Showtime series by the same name (Dexter) about a serial killer that stalks serial killers. Great show, give it a shot if you haven’t already tried to. The series itself is well worth watching from beginning to the current 5th season. Peanut is a very calculating little creature, I have even called him a little Jedi. He is so confident in his behavior and skills that he’s gone after Cassie (and now Chloe) not to hurt them, but to taunt them. Who would have ever thought that a prey animal like a rabbit would go after predators like dogs?

I mean, I can remember seeing in the town that I grew up a rabbit chasing a deer and a rabbit chasing a crow. Both times I was in a car and I was the only one in the car that had seen either event. But I just had a feeling that there were more to rabbits than food and humping.


Then came Peanut, he is not an aggressive little creature, but he does know what is right and what he wants. He has definitely crossed the line many times when it comes to our golden girls and we’ve thought that he must have a death wish; but he’s our little Master Jedi.

Cracked has a great article about 5 Adorable Animals That Are Turning to the Dark Side I’m only going to put a bit of the bunnies part; they made it to #2! If you want to read the rest, please go to Cracked


The Good

Oh, Jesus, look at the bunnies!

Bunnies are what you get when a cotton ball has sex with a stuffed animal. There is no possible way a bunny could do anything that isn’t precious.

The Evil

Armando Del Manso believed his dog was responsible for the dead snakes showing up with teeth marks all over them each morning. They were brown snakes, after all, which are what you would expect an Australian snake to be — huge, poisonous and freaking everywhere. Then one night he heard something being horribly murdered nearby and pointed his spotlight in the general direction of the horrible gurgling. That’s when he saw two wild rabbits attacking a king brown snake, which are presumably discernible from regular brown snakes because they are huge and played by The Rock.

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