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Power has been restored for a few days now and we are on our way into Labor Day weekend. Here are the entertainment headlines for this week!

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Week of August 29th–September 2nd, 2011

Johnny Depp has given Disney an ultimatum, if director, Gore Verbinski, leaves due to budget issues, he leaves as well. This puts Disney in a predicament, Depp has been their golden boy for about five movies, three of which have reached 1 billion at the box office (Pirates: Dead Man’s Chest, Alice in Wonderland, and Pirates: On Stranger Ground). I have a feeling that they’ll give Verbinski what he wants, I’m just saying…


“The Walking Dead” the hit AMC TV show returns to cable on October 16th with a 90 minute zombie filled premiere episode. Also, the show’s 12 episode run will be split in two, the first seven will run from October to November and then resume the rest of the six episodes starting February 12th. I really look forward to this show, we just saw the first seasons first six episodes (that’s all they had) about a month ago and it really kicked me back into a zombie mode…


Aside from “Die Hard 5” news, reports are flying around that Bruce Willis is also set to star in the sequel to RED, the Retired special agent action comedy that came out last year. It was a pretty funny movie, so I look forward to seeing it. Word is that they are also seeking a director…


“Romancing the Stone” may actually be getting a television show remake as opposed to an actual film remake. I guess that would take Katherin Heigl and Gerald Butler out of the running to star in it. This continues the trend of turning movies into shows, but the success of these vary depending on how properly produced they are. For every Buffy the Vampire Slayer you do have your share of massive duds like My Big Fat Greek Wedding the series…


Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray comes out in a few weeks and the controversies over what Saga creature and mastermind George Lucas has touched up and flat out played with continues almost on an everyday basis. From adding Darth Vader quietly screaming “NOOO!” at the end of Jedi to allowing the Ewoks to digitally blink, to removing the very fake looking Yoda from Episode 1 and replacing him with the much more realistic looking digital version we came to see in Episode 2 and 3. I don’t know, I’m used to all this crap by now. I actually think I’m one of those people who might want to have the Saga on Blu-ray. Can we say Christmas List 2011?…


Wondering what Stephen King movies and TV show are being worked on right now? Well, Blastr has a great article up about how there are currently 13, either films, tv shows or mini-series, in some form of production currently out there, check out the entire article at Blastr


Starz, the cable network, has stopped negotiating with Netflix on continuing to stream their content. This sucks! Let me tell you, it was awesome last January being able to watch “Spartacus” just one week after it aired. That was great! They actually had a lot of great movies on streaming too. I feel like Netflix has been getting hit really hard recently, they even raised their prices and that honestly is slowly going to kill this movie viewing machine, and I just read that their stocked dropped 8% due what is going on with Starz. Could Netflix be this generation’s Napster?…


I guess not…

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