Peanut’s Corner?


Usually Peanut throws some of the contents of toys and chew things in his cage around, we see it all the time. One time he tossed the little round colorful toy you’ll see in the picture below so hard it lodged itself into the cage for days, until he must have gotten tired of seeing it there and moved it himself.

Today however, I changed his corner and I guess he wasn’t happy about it and so a few moments later I looked over at his cage and he was staring at me with the colorful round thing stuck in the corner. The curious thing about this is that usually anything that goes in that corner simply rolls down, it is the highest point in his cage that he can sit on and I’ve never seen this toy up there.

The funny thing is that it is still there! A few hours after taken those pics above, I looked over and the little dwarf rabbit was just sitting in his cage, seemingly staring at his colorful toy in his corner.

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