DJ PNut Chew from


DJ PNut Chew from


Recently at work I was introduced to a website called that allows you to DJ music in a room (online) full of people. You can set up your music queue and just let it go for hours, allowing you to not only listen to your music but also hear what others are playing. I’ve been finding it to be a great way to just listen to a lot of music.

Naturally looking for a name to use as my DJ name, I went with a very obvious choice, and as you can see from the title of this post, I went with DJ PNut Chew.

You might remember when I made a photoshop of DJ Peanut back in 2009, and if not, I found the link for your pleasure: DJ Peanut

Anyway, I tweak the name and I am using an avatar on there that is wearing something I feel Peanut would actually wear if he were in fact DJing somewhere, thoughts:

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