DJ Peanut

So that this makes sense, I was really supposed to post this a while back, but I had wanted to post finalized picture but I just haven’t had a chance to go back to it.

Anyway, while Jenna and Lou were (and still are) making plans for their wedding in September it came up that they should go with this DJ named DJ Peanut. I thought that was a great name and decided to use a picture of Peanut and put him on top of a turntable.

One of my former students came in, she does it on occasion, to show me some of her drawings and she saw a picture of Peanut on my desktop. She asked if she could draw him and I said sure! She had drawn him last year around this time. When I went to print out the pic she saw the pic of him being a DJ and said that that pic looked like it would be fun to draw so I printed that one out of him. She then returned at the end of the day with this great little drawing of him:


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