The Opening Whistle- Playoff Preview

January 9, 2017 Justice 0

It’s the first edition of The Opening Whistle on the Slam Session Podcast Network. In this episode, Albert Albanese and Avi Schiffman break down the remainder of the NFL regular season and predict the playoff matchup.

The Final Straw

March 31, 2016 Cos 2

The Final Straw By: Justice ​With Wrestlemania just around the corner, the spotlight is thrust on the WWE Championship match which features Roman Reigns challenging […]

NXT: WWE’s Gold Mine

January 21, 2016 Cos 2

NXT: WWE’s Gold MineBy: Justice    I began regularly watching WWE’s NXT product after the debut of the WWE Network. I had watched a little […]

Does The WWE Fear It’s Fan base?

October 25, 2015 Cos 0

I wish we got an angry Brock Lesnar come to the ring and just destroy the Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores in the middle of a match just because he’s pissed off.

WWE’s Missed WRESTLEMANIA Opportunity

March 26, 2015 Justice 2

Well, here we are again on the end of the road to Wrestlemania. This year’s show of shows is highlighted by the main event of Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE title.