The Opening Whistle Episode #6

February 15, 2017 Justice 0

On this edition of the Opening Whistle Podcast, Avi makes Albert describe being surrounded by Patriots fans during the big game, Avi gives us his Superbowl highlights and they discuss the Big Game, Bill and Brady, Matt Ryan and the Falcons defeat

The Slam Sessions Episode #5

February 14, 2017 Justice 0

Albert’s back and covering the Seth Rollins injury, Elimination Chamber, Goldberg as Universal Champion and Wrestlemania in another can’t miss episode!

The Slam Sessions – Episode 3

January 23, 2017 Justice 0

In Session 3 of the Slam Sessions, Albert covers the Roman Reigns Fan Edit controversy, Fans taking over WWE shows, the WWE’s booking and of course, your match of the week!

The Geek Guy Podcast – Episode 2

January 21, 2017 Justice 0

In Episode 2 of the Geek Guy Podcast, Albert Albanese talks about the new Injustice 2 trailer, The Marvel Netflix Series and the Defenders show and what the Roc’s role as Black Atom may be in the DCEU