The Return of the Blog

The Return of the Blog.

It’s been a while, a very long time since I have written a blog, I felt it was about time to write one. I’m still working out all the kinks to this thing. I’ve seen some really great Journal pages and I’m just trying to figure out how to work mine so that it looks somewhat cool. I don’t think I’m even close to it yet. But I promise to have all my best people working night and day on it till we get it done (pretty much just me whenever I get around to it).

In my blog I would like to attempt to just write down anything, even the most small piece of information from what is going on to a website. I’m just assuming if you’ve made it this far to read this, you probably know something about me if not, here goes: I’m a 23 year old grad student in education program at Fairleigh Dickinson, I graduated last May with a degree in electronic film and have been trying to write a script ever since I graduated. Last summer I worked for a car dealership as a lot attendant seeing that I had yet to be accepted into the graduate education program at school, in essence I was in limbo for the entire summer.

Finally, in August, right before I was going to go on my second vacation (third for the entire year—Cruise with Melissa and Evan, Cape Cod with my parents (called the Rentos from now on) and, Mexico with Melissa and her family) for the summer, I was accepted into the program. That was great, because as soon as I got back from Mexico, I had to return to school for RA training, which up until I was in the program I was not 100% sure if I was coming back at all.

The first semester was very shaky, I wasn’t really sure if I was cut out for this. I had no experience outside of after school and summer care for kids in my town. But I had a lot of help, my girlfriend Melissa, my parents, the new friends that I made within the department, as well as substitute teaching.

I’m saying all of this but I still have a love for film, I want to write and direct when I get a chance too. For all of those who were able to see Ethan Ross, I just want to say that I am attempting to rewrite the script and send it to a production company. I want to re-shoot it and make it bigger and better. Adding another day to the story would work to the film’s advantage. To all those who haven’t seen it, just ask, I’ll lend you a copy to watch. I sell it to you for $10…$7 if I like you.

This semester is quite honestly my most successful (aside from last spring semester, but totally different reasons) everything this semester seems to be falling into place. This is my last semester on campus, Melissa is graduating, with God’s blessing we’ll be moving in together this summer…things just seem to be going great and it makes me feel so good.

Let me just end this by saying that in this blog you’ll see things that happen throughout the week, I’ll be talking about movies, dvds, wrestling, websites, video games if I get a chance, television shows, classes, my jobs….just about everything and anything.

I hope that you enjoy it, and please comment on anything or e-mail me.


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