Blogging for Five Years…

I guess I missed the actual date, but since March 25th, I’ve been blogging for five years. I guess I have Mike to thanks for that, he told me I should start putting things in a blog and not on my AIM (AOL Instant Messager); which had an option to add some information when you clicked on the screen name.

When I first started with my blog it was on Live Journal and I just read my first blog entry (I mention that it was the return of “The Blog”–I didn’t realize it was a blog before that, and I wish I still had whatever came before that, but all I have is what was on Live Journal) and in January of 09, Mike helped me bring everything over to my cosmelentertainment site.

It might look like a completely different world if you read the first blog, and in fact, it is, everyone was in a completely different place five years ago then they are now. From girlfriend Melissa, to RA Training, to living on campus. Things have come a long long way in just five years. I wonder what I’ll be blogging about in five years from now…please read and enjoy. For your viewing pleasure: The Return of the Blog

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