I should really be working

I should really be working

Yeah, so right now I should really be working, but Melissa and I are waiting for lunch and then getting right to work.

Anyway, last night I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and I used Melissa toothpaste, which is Crest. I never liked Crest when I was growing up, still don’t to a certain extent, I guess because I was always a Colgate boy.

The dentist always gave a little sample of a Crest toothpaste for kids (I don’t even know if they still make it or not) but it had these little sparkles inside of the toothpaste. They were in star shapes and tasted sweeter than normal toothpaste. The Kid’s Crest always scared me; I think it was because of those weird sparkles inside of it.

But I always used Colgate, normal looking toothpaste, never once having sparkles inside of the paste. I didn’t even know that regular Crest actually had sparkles in it until about four years ago when I bought a tube. It is bizarre in my opinion. Give me Colgate any day.

Then I started thinking about the other big company rivalries that have been around for what seems to be forever and I realize that a lot of them seem to have died off or just died through time.

Reebok vs Nike was a big thing over a decade ago, but I don’t even hear anything about Reebok anymore. Do they even exist anymore? I guess neither of them won the war seeing that I don’t really see anyone wear there sneakers at all.

Nintendo vs Sega was another big one; Nintendo definitely won this one big time. After the failed Sega CD and Sega Saturn systems, Sega finally made the Dreamcast which caught some fire here in the US but went the distance in Japan and is still going strong there. Here on the other hand, you’d be lucky to find even a Dreamcast system for sale anywhere. Now the unthinkable can be seen any day of the week, Mario rival Sonic on a Nintendo system. In fact, Sonic has been slutted out to pretty much any system. Over winter break I bought the Sonic Mega Collection (which included Sonic 1-3, Sonic and Knuckles, and a bunch other Sonic games on a Sony Playstation 2. Times have definitely fallen hard on Sega who is now just a gaming company and does not plan on reentering the game system business in the near future.

Disney vs Warner Bros wasn’t really a battle, they both have good and bad and neither in recent times seem to be able to hold each other up. None of the Disney hand drawn movies have been working out, to the point that they have done away with the entire division and are now sticking with fully computer generated films. The Looney Toons haven’t actually gotten to that point…yet. I think the battle, if there ever was ended when you saw both of the casts of characters interacting in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Clearly a Disney movie with the Looney Toons running around throughout the entire thing; I think the best indication of this was when you had Daffey and Donald fighting each over a piano in a lounge.

WWF vs WCW a fight that back in the mid 90’s seemed to have already been won by the WWF. WCW took the wrong turn and fell hard, which was chronicled in the book “The Death of WCW,” a book that I recommend any wrestling fan to read. WWF bought out the WCW for just under 10 million dollars and the rest has been history for them.
Coke vs Pepsi is still a fight that continues today. I have never liked Pepsi, I think its too sweet and I like how Coke is stronger. I think the Coke products are much better and as far as I’ve read Coke is actually the #1 soda product in the world, with Pepsi behind it by just a little. Pepsi seems to have the balls out of the two and always comes up with odd little drink gimmicks like Clear Pepsi or Pepsi Blue which never make it. Maybe because soda should be treated like soda and not like anything else.

I know this is a weird rant, nothing really monumental, but just thought I would write something while I waited for lunch.

I will continue to brush my teeth with the Crest Melissa bought because its not too bad, but I’m just too lazy to go out and buy anything else.


3 thoughts on “I should really be working

  1. anonymous says:

    hahahahha. I cant believe you dont like my toothpaste you fart. I didnt even know you used toothpaste because your breath always smells like cotton candy…… fron a sailors ass. whatever dont use my toothpaste buy your own. ass

  2. flammable says:

    You think they put sugar in the toothpaste?

    I used Crest as a kid.

    Now I’m starting to wonder what they added to make the sparkles. Little shards of glass? 🙂

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