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I’m a huge fan of Napoleon Dynamite. I was very against seeing it over the summer, ignoring the cries from Melissa who was dying to see it, I was very against it. I didn’t think it looked good. I mean the Napoleon looked like an idiot (no pun intended). Anyway, I bought it for Melissa for Christmas, thinking it would be a nice gesture, we did want to see it on DVD. We saw it and ended up liking it…ended up liking it a lot (I have still yet to see the extended ending–according to if you wait till after the credits you’ll see an extended ending to the film that apparently cost more to film than the entire film cost to shoot–it was shot after the film was put out and started making money). In fact I recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh. It’s a very bizzare film, its like the 80’s meets the new millennium. The family and friend in Napoleon life are just strange. But it makes you keep watching just to see what happens next.

This isn’t actually a review but if I had to I would give the film nine stars out of ten.

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Yeah that’s right, nine out of ten stars.

Anyway, the point to this post is to show any of you who are fans of the movie this site, its a soundboard with clips from the movie:

I thought it was really funny.



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