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You may have noticed I missed yesterday…yeah, I know, I’ve been extremely busy, I’ve even taken off of work and I still am not done. But, I felt the need to update my BLOG as a momentary break from all of the bullshit that I’ve actually seen today (its been a long day with a lot of crap). Here is an article taken from which reported that many shows have either been signed for another season or have been dropped and here is the article so you can read a little more:

The TV Show Survivors/Victims
Posted: Wednesday April 13th, 2005 10:24pm
Source: USA Today
Author: Garth Franklin

USA Today and AICN have revealed which scripted shows are dead, which will live on when the new season of shows begins in September, and which may or may not be back. Final decisions for some still aren’t set but for the most part they seem to be locked in.

High profile renewals that are certain include: “24”, “Alias”, “Boston Legal”, “Charmed”, “Cold Case”, “Crossing Jordan”, “Desperate Housewives”, “ER”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “House”, “Joey”, “Las Vegas”, “Lost”, “Malcolm in the Middle”, “Medium”, “Numb3rs”, “The OC”, “One Tree Hill”, “The Simpsons”, “Reba”, “Scrubs”, “Smallville”, “7th Heaven”, “That 70’s Show”, “Veronica Mars”, “The West Wing”, “Without a Trace” all three “CSI”, and all four “Law & Order”.

Cancellation wise most of the ones going are shows which failed to launch with the new season or others which only did ok. Long running shows ending for this season include “Enterprise”, “JAG”, “Third Watch”, “NYPD Blue”, “American Dreams” and “Everbody Loves Raymond”. More recently launched titles like “Point Pleasant”, “North Shore”, “LAX”, “Jake in Progress” and “Medical Investigation” are all gone.

Still undecided for now are such high profile titles as “Will & Grace”, “Judging Amy”, “8 Simple Rules”, “Arrested Development”, “Jack & Bobby”, “Kevin Hill”, “The Office” and “Summerland”. You can however have a say by voting in online poll. If you can’t see your favourite show in this list, be sure to click here for the full one.

Those that were cancelled I guess didn’t deserve being saved, except for Point Pleasant which Melissa and I watched on Thursdays right before E.R. Speaking of which, I have been watching reruns every now and then and I have finally started to learn a lot of the back stories of some of the characters, like Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle); I did not know that he was a like Bruce Wayne, richer than God, I never watched the show that much. I always thought he was a kid wanting to be a doctor, but I didn’t know that he had such a good back story. The other day I heard him say that he’ll take the job and that he won’t need a salary, he’s good. I was like I wish I had that type of money. Now, the current timeline of E.R. has the Carter Family Foundation funding a new building. That is a shit load of money that they have. And now that I’ve finally started to know so much about the most dynamic character on E.R. he is leaving after this year (actually he has four more shows next year, but is officially done after this season is over). I can see if Dr. Carter returns to the show in like a year from now, it’ll be somehting along the lines of: Welcome Back Carter.

Anyway, moving on, here is a website for those few shows that may be cancelled and to show whether you want them to be saved or dropped, here it is:

Check it out and vote.


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