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I hope that this film is actually really good. I just hope people come to see it with an open mind. I mean, Batman and Robin came out in 1997 (yeah its that old!) I just hope there has been enough time between them that people have kind of forgotten about the train wreck that was the forth film. Actually, it was the forth and last in that series. Batman Begins should be the beginning to its own series.

Here is the movie poster to Batman Begins: http://img255.echo.cx/img255/1142/onesheetbatmanbegins1cs.jpg

Written and Directed by Christipher Nolan who brought us Memento (excellent film) along with David Goyer (who wrote all three Blade movies (he also wrote and directed the last one–so that makes me wonder, then again Aiva Goldsman wrote Batman and Robin and went on to get himself an Academy award for A Beautiful Mind–so whatever)). And Staring: Christian Bale (American Psycho), Michael Caine (Miss Congeniality), Liam Neeson (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace), Morgan Freeman (if you don’t know who Morgan Freeman is then you’re just dumb), Gary Oldman (Fifth Element and Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azcaban), Ken Watanabe (The Last Samuri) and Katie Holmes (Dawson’s Creek and The Gift) among others. I mean the cast is good, the crew is good, everything seems to be set up for success. But I can’t help but be pesismistic in this situation. I mean, this is the same people that allowed Catwoman to be made (notice the worse the movie tends to be the more expensive they tend to get–its like if we throw enough money into this one maybe people will come and see it because they feel bad…”friggin idiot!” that’s not how it works)

I’m just expressing some concern, all I’ve been hearing are good things about this film and that’s only from the people who are making it. I’m sure George Clooney knew that Batman & Robin was doomed for disaster but they couldn’t say anything bad about it or they would have gotten their ass kicked. Besides if people go to see it, then there would have been a sequel. (Can you imagine a sequel to Batman & Robin? Holy shit. Batman & Robin was a train wreck, the sequel (which was going to be called Batman Triumphant) would have been a global disaster). The only times I have ever seen an actor against the film that they were in was when Brad Pitt was in The Devil’s Own, he bashed it and told all of his fans not to go see it. Then he had to go back and tell them that it was a good film and that they should watch it. They didn’t and the film crashed at the box office. Also, recently, Wesley Snipes did not do any promotional work for Blade: Trinity he refused to do the work for that and it definately hurt the film (granted it wasn’t nearly as good as the first two and was the most comical of the three Blade films and will probably go down in history as the black sheep in the Blade trilogy.

Anyway, I probably won’t have time after this till later in the day to give this site out, its from comingsoon.net great movie rumor site, here is a site that has a lot of the Batman Begins trailers and tv spots, enjoy:


I’ll be working almost all day, and then I’ll have class later, and then I don’t know what then, but I’ll be busy, so enjoy this.


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