Final Destination 3

Ok, so I should be working, and know I just posted, but I found this from and I am a big fan of the original Final Destination, I hated the sequel. If you want to talk about a trainwreck of a sequel like Batman & Robin Final Destination 2 was a train wreck (I’m shocked that they didn’t put a subtitle fro Final Destination 2 like: Final Destinaion 2: The End of the Road; or some bullshit like that, because they always fuck things up like that.

Amazingly enough they realized that they needed the orignal filmmakers to be apart of this film and that is just what they did. They brought back the orignal people who had worked on the first film and they have written and I believe are directing this one too. They were actual X-file writers and the first films script was supposed to be an X-file episode but it was canned and they wanted to try and make it for an adult horror film but that was nixed too, and went to younger stars because they felt that they could actually get more people out there for it. Out of ten stars I would give the first film EIGHT. It was a great story and that was what intrigue me.

The second one was just dumb. Three stars for at least bringing back Ali Larter, even if they kill her off (ooh! did I ruin it for you? probably not because you haven’t even seen the first one).

The third one I’m expecting a little more from.

Here is an article from Darkhorizons explaining the story and the cast and crew:

“Final Destination 3” Begins Production
Posted: Thursday April 21st, 2005 12:43pm
Source: New Line Cinema
Author: Garth Franklin

Production commenced March 30th on New Line Cinema’s feature thriller Final Destination 3, the latest and most terrifying installment of this action-packed series. Final Destination 3 stars Ryan Merriman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Six years after the events of Final Destination, Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a high school senior, has a premonition of a fatal amusement park accident involving herself and all her friends. When the premonition proves true, those who survive the accident are forced to deal with the repercussions of escaping their fate.

But fate is not so easily thwarted, and as Wendy and Kevin (Ryan Merriman) desperately try to interpret the clues that might save lives, one-by-one their friends meet fantastically gruesome ends.

Final Destination 3 reunites the filmmakers of Final Destination. As in the original, James Wong (Final Destination, “X-Files”) directs from a screenplay by Glen Morgan and James Wong. Warren Zide (Final Destination, American Pie), Craig Perry (Final Destination, American Pie) Glen Morgan (Final Destination, Willard) and James Wong are producing.

Ryan Merriman is an up-and-coming young actor whose feature credits include The Ring 2, and a co-starring role opposite Stanley Tucci in Spin. His television credits include a leading role in the series “Veritas” and the Spielberg produced mini-series “Taken.”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead will soon be seen co-starring with Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston in Sky High, scheduled for release in July ’05.

The filmmakers have assembled a talented production team including director of photography Rob McLachlan (Final Destination, Willard), production designer Mark Freeborn (“Millennium,” Willard), costume designer Gregory Mah (Freddy vs Jason, Willard), editor Chris Willingham (“Millennium,” “24”) and visual effects producer/supervisor Ariel Shaw (Final Destination, Nightmare Before Christmas).

Final Destination 3 is scheduled for a 2006 release.

Sounds like it is going to be pretty good, I’ll judge by the trailer whenever it comes out.


PS now I’m off to work on my paper. please pray for me

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