From Chris brother of enterthepat

Chris, who is brothers with enterthepat e-mailed me this site about the truth behind not buying gas from certain gasoline station because you think they are funding terrorist.

First of all, Chris, I’m sorry I haven’t been on-line or anything, it has been a hectic year so far with class, and I feel like you must have felt the last couple of years while in college. Too much work…too little time. (Honestly, the only reason why I update this BLOG is because it gets me to do something besides working on work, and thus allowing my mind to wander. I feel like I’m writing, I miss writing for fun, I hate working for nothing really. I need to write! DAMMIT!!………..moving on) So, whenever I see an e-mail from him, or an IM I tend to try and read what he has to say. It is usually very important.

Chris and I are fellow scriptwriters. I have, on many occassions gone to him and visa versa for help on certain things. Over the years we haven’t spoken much, but people get busy like most normal people do. But whenever he or I have a script we usually send it to one another to hear what the other has to say.

Anyway, I just recieved this e-mail, and I thought it was great, I need other sources to place in my BLOG and I think is a great site! I actually didn’t start to believe that the information on was real or rather legit until last semester. I had Dr….um…we’ll I forgot what his name was for a history class and he flat out told us that the only website that is a dot com (.com) that is trust is snopes, because (according to him) it is a proven site on all things urban legends. And by urban legends I don’t mean like the hook you find on your door because a murderer was trying to kill you and your girlfriend. I mean anything that has become an issue in the media and most likely you have found a chain mail in your e-mail inbox about most of the things that you will find on Or just any little urban legend or anything for that matter.

Here is the link:

Its worth a look I read it, it even has sources so it has to be legit right? I hope so, I’ve been telling people that it is for about four months now…

Chris, thank you for the contribution, I hope to see more in the near future.


PS Pat I’m still looking forward to your blog whenever you would like to send it to me…

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