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Yeah, shoot me, I’m going crazy with updates during my rest time. Believe me in about half an hour I’ll be in Deanne’s room with Melissa watching House and Blind Justice. If you don’t believe me…try calling me. I’ll most likely not answer.

The Hubble Telescope turned 15 yesterday on the 25th of April, so hopefully this will bring it another 15 years of good work and usage. Even though the first couple of years on the telescope made us all a little uncertain as to whether the money put into it was worth it.

Anyway, here is a picture from the Hubble Telescope. This isn’t a joke, I thought that this was a beautiful picture and it just makes me wonder. If God created the entire universe, why would He make something like this that was such an amazing thing to look at, why wouldn’t He make other being to enjoy it?

Here is the picture from

Here is the article that goes with it:

Photo Highlight
A new view of the Eagle Nebula, one of the two largest and sharpest images Hubble Space Telescope has ever taken, is released by NASA on Hubble’s 15th anniversary April 25, 2005. The new Eagle Nebula image reveals a tall, dense tower of gas being sculpted by ultraviolet light from a group of massive, hot stars. During the 15 years Hubble has orbited the Earth, it has taken more than 700,000 photos of the cosmos. EDITORIAL USE ONLY REUTERS/NASA/Handout
Tue Apr 26, 1:27 AM ET

I thought some people may actually appreciate something like this for once.



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