Japan watches the most tv

Yet another one from about two weeks ago. This one from April 12th. In truth I am actually cleaning out my inbox to my yahoo e-mail and I am looking through all of these e-mails I sent myself that read: “BLOG”, “YET ANOTHER BLOG”, “MORE BLOG” … and captions like that.

Here is an interesting one, a study shows that Japan actually watches the most television in the world.

Here is the article taken from YAHOO.com:

Study Finds Japanese Watch Most TV

Tue Apr 12, 4:06 AM ET

By Peter Kiefer

CANNES, France (Hollywood Reporter) – The average level of television consumption increased on nearly every continent last year, but a new study has found that Japanese viewers watch more TV than anybody.

The newly released report from Eurodata TV Worldwide, the focus of a panel discussion at the MIPTV convention in Cannes, also found Americans’ daily dose of TV climbed by three minutes last year to an average of four hours and 28 minutes — nearly 90 minutes above the world average.

The Japanese watched the most television last year, clocking in a daily average of five hours.

Americans were second, followed by Argentinians and the Greeks, who consumed four hours and 25 minutes and four hours and four minutes, respectively.

At 2 1/2 hours daily each, China and Sweden watched the least amount of television last year.

Even though dramas accounted for 46 percent of viewers’ time overall, and made a comeback stateside, American fiction failed to dominate outside of the domestic marketplace as it has in years past.

However, shows such as “Friends,” “CSI” and “ER” maintained popularity in many regions. American blockbusters continued their international appeal, with “Shrek” and “Titanic” sticking out, the report said.

The spike in various countries’ consumption was due in large part to a blend of both news and sporting events, including the Iraq war, the U.S. presidential election, the Athens Olympics, the European Football Championships and the qualifying matches for the 2006 World Cup.

The MIP conference heard that the Eurodata document reveals that 46 percent of viewing time was dedicated to drama, 36 percent to other entertainment categories (talk, comedy, and variety shows) and 18 percent to news.

Additionally, in terms of new formats, NBC’s “The Apprentice” appeared to have found the most purchase globally. A total of 2,300 new programs were launched in nine countries last year.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Sadly I thought we would have won this one. But I guess its a good thing we didn’t, we are already the most obese country in the world, thank God we can’t add worlds most coach potatoes. Yet, I think with the amount of tv the Japanese watch, they are still smarter than us…


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