Update on Pirates sequel

Here is an interesting little incident that happened on the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest movie.

Here is the article from IMDB.com:

Depp Movie Causes Upset on Caribbean Island

The makers of the Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel have sparked outrage on the island of Bataka, Dominica – by roasting Johnny Depp alive on a spit in a cannibal scene. Outraged residents of the tranquil island have accused studio bosses of insinuating their forebears practiced such inhumane rituals. And Charles Williams, the chief of the 3,500 remaining natives, has added his voice of dissent – and has blasted the locals who have signed up as extras in the movie for $95 a day. However, film bosses are attempting to downplay the uproar by insisting the scene is light-hearted and in no way reflects the history of Bataka.

Interesting. I keep getting more and more excited about the sequel to Pirates.


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