George Lucas on writing Episode III

I’m trying not to update as much as I did yesterday. That was just crazy. I went crazy. Anyway, here is an article from George Lucas on how he wrote Episode III. Here is an article from

Lucas Forced Himself To Write ‘Episode III’

Hollywood mogul George Lucas struggled so much with writing the screenplay for final Star Wars installment Episode Iii – Revenge Of The Sith, he had to force himself to stick to a rigid working day as he sought inspiration. The hugely successful movie-maker, 60, took on the persona of a normal office worker as he sat at his desk for nine hours a day, five days a week – and he still only managed to produce five pages everyday. He says, “I am very diligent about writing. I go to work at 8.30am and leave at 6pm. I sit there with that page in front of me but I still can’t write it. I do get it done, I actually write five pages a day. But I force myself – otherwise I would probably write a page a day.”

Anyone who has ever tried to write a creative piece knows that you either have something or you don’t. I’m surprised that he continued to force himself to write it. I’m sure that it went through many different drafts before ending up where it was. Anyway, I hope that it is good.

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