Third ‘Mummy’ movie

Our dear Stephen seems to be highly thinking about making a third ‘Mummy’ movie, which I am totally fine with. If Stephen Sommers is going to make a movie it should better be another ‘Mummy’ movie.

Here is the write up, taken from an article on (its short, so blink and you miss it):

First up they say that director Stephen Sommers has completed a script for a third “Mummy” sequel and is looking to start shooting at the end of this year and early 2006. There’s no word yet as to whether Brendan Fraser or Rachel Weisz will be back.

No word on whether Brendan Fraser or Rachel Weisz will be back? Let me tell you, if they are not back in, who gives a shit. Originally there was a rumor that the third one was going to be about their son taking place about ten years after the second one without them. I’m thinking there goes your star power and credibility. I hate it when people decide that they don’t need the names that gave their franchise legs. Like, they are considering doing a Fast and Furious 3 (I didn’t like the first one, nor did I even see the second one) but they are going to strart “fresh” and have new characters and probably have it take place in Japan, where all of this racing shit first started. But, wouldn’t you want at least one of your characters, if not both to come back? Wouldn’t that be the smart thing?

If Brendan Fraser or Rachel Weisz do not sign back up on, then that should be the project right there. Rachel Weisz has been keeping herself very busy with movies like Envy and Constantine (minus her trademark British accent) but none of her movies drew as much as the ‘Mummy’ movies. Brendan Fraser was last seen in that stupid Looney Toons movie, I don’t even know the name but comon, I’m sure he’s just drooling at the mouth at the chance to try his luck at another ‘Mummy’.

And besides, isn’t dear ole Stephen Stephen Stephen supposed to be remaking When Worlds Collide? (don’t remember, read my blog entry here: If he is? Then which one is he doing? I would actually want him to do the ‘Mummy’ sequel first, just to redeem himself…only if Fraser and Weisz are back. If not, fuck it, move on do When Worlds Collide. Just don’t mess it up!


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