From Hummerz #2

Hummerz graced me with a whole bunch of jokes when I woke up this morning, he’s crazy! Here they are:

How Golf is like Urinating in a Public Restroom
10. Keep your back straight, knees bent, feet shoulder width apart.
9. Form a loose grip.
8. Keep your head down.
7. Avoid a quick backswing.
6. Stay out of the water.
5. Try not to hit anybody.
4. If you are taking too long, you should let others go ahead of you.
3. You shouldn’t stand directly in front of others.
2. Be quiet while others are about to go.
1. Keep strokes to a minimum.

Here is another one:

Blondes in a Convertible

Two blondes were shopping at the mall. When they were done, they went out to their car, which happened to be an awesome leather-interior convertible, but they realized they had locked the keys in the car. So they both kind of stood there and thought for a while.

Then one of the girls had the bright idea to try to open the car with a coat hanger, so she started fiddling with the lock. The other blonde looked up at the sky, became very worried, and pleaded,


He’s crazy! I’ll add more of his jokes later.


6 thoughts on “From Hummerz #2

  1. anonymous says:

    Branden…I am your father…
    No you’re not.
    Branden…I am your uncle…
    Branden wait! lol

    Love you butts

  2. socramforever says:

    No problem, Hummerz sent me more, I’ll post them as soon as I get a chance too…been so damn busy! Send me some sites flammable, I need the vault to come back!

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