Back after a bit

Sorry guys, I’ve been a little behind with my blog, been a little busy.

Melissa and I have been watching episodes IV, V, and VI of Star Wars, we’re almost done with Jedi but we haven’t been around too much. We actually don’t watch that much of the movie, maybe half hour to an hour of the movie before we go to bed and pass out. But we’re doing pretty good.

Tonight we’re going to watch Family Guy (as is Deanne–we miss you sis) and then probably try and kill off some of Jedi.

I’m trying to persuade Melissa to see Episode III again (she lied to me and said she wanted to see it again, that wasn’t nice, she still wants to see Kingdom of Heaven (I do too really) and we’ll probably see that soon, if its still out.

This weekend (Fri-Sun morning) we were in Wildwood. It was great, weather wasn’t too bad. Hummerz was right, the traffic was a real bitch going down there. We left at 8 this morning (probably the one day we should have stayed because of the weather) to go to Adam’s (the cinematographer and editor of my Senior Thesis–if you haven’t seen it yet first of all your a bitch (except for flammable, he’s busy doing other things like watching Spiderman 2 😛 and moving into his grandmother’s house while she’s on vacation–you lucky dog you) graduation party. It was cool, I hope to work with Adam really soon–like this summer–on a script and hopefully Mr. Brynes’ film project.

Next weekend is Melissa’s Graduation Party and we’ll be going down there earlier then expected; Jenna (Melissa’s sis) will be coming down and a bunch of people (like my parents) will be coming to it as well.

That’s it in a nut shell, bringing you up to speed…

And since I don’t like leaving you guys empty handed here is a picture:

Great picture…its a freaking ratadog…you don’t see many of those…except for Meester Monkey, but that’s a different story and I’m not the one that should be saying it.



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