All work and no play….

…would be a blatant and bold faced lie. I’m having fun, mixed in with work and school work. Last week was unreal, the heat, and the work on the lot (I mean, it wasn’t terrible, but the heat made it bad). Friday I took a half a day and went to help Melissa and her family build up her tents for her college graduation party. Those tents went up late friday and came down early sunday and I couldn’t believe how quickly this party came and went.

The party went great, I have a couple pics of the day from it that I’ll post throughout the week (so I guess they really aren’t pics of the day huh?). The “after party” was fun, didn’t last too long, but enough jokes and drinks happened that it was all good.

EC Fning W’s PPV ONE NIGHT STAND was last night. The first one in four years (produced again by WWE–since they were kind of fitting the bill the first time around anyway) and I will post those result up for however is interested.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith topped the box office this weekend with about 51 million dollars the rest of the new entries were far lower and continued the downward spiral that the film industry has been in for what seems to be the twelth or thirteenth week in a row.

Melissa’s sister Jenna gave Melissa a cool book with websites to look up on line. I’ll be checking it out during the week and I’ll post it when I find a good one. I also have a shit load of jokes from both Hummerz and flammable which I will need to post soon.

Give me time, Monday and Wednesdays are my ultimate bitch days since I work from 8ish to 4:30ish and then have class from 5:30ish to 9.

Talk to you later.


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