Working at Warnock

So right now I’m working at Warnock as the secretary and everyone is telling me if I am to be working as a secretary I should be wearing a skirt. The answer to that is NO!

I’ll be here till about 9pm. But at least I’m getting paid.


19 thoughts on “Working at Warnock

  1. flammable says:

    Oh, I can make you a few too…I got it from The Iconfactory ( and I figured out how to turn those into avatars.

  2. socramforever says:

    you know, I have yet to see either Kill Bill films yet…everyone keeps telling me to see it but I just haven’t had the time to yet. In fact I should be working on my paper right now, but I’m taking a break.

  3. flammable says:

    Wow, really?

    Do that when you get a chance…two really good films if you can appreciate them in their own right (even though they are two parts of one story). The first is more action packed, the second really focuses on the story. Both do a great job, in my opinion.

    This week is movie week, getting my wisdom teeth removed Wednesday so I’ll be kicking back for a while. I swear this is the week that I’ll see Spidey 2, I also have Donnie Darko on the list (which apparently was great too).

    Jeez might as well blog all of this or something.

  4. flammable says:

    Hmm, he seems to look around a lot.

    Sure, if you’d like a nice avatar, they have tons of really nice icons I can turn into an avatar for ya (if you’d like).

    Take a look at the site and lemme know if there’s anything that looks interesting to you…they don’t put previews of all of the icons online, but they do offer them all for download. So, if you see a LOTR set you like, lemme know and I’ll send you a screenshot of all of the icons from my computer and you can take your pick.

    Most of them are really nice looking like this one…they do a great job.

  5. socramforever says:

    I’ll take a look at it maybe a little later, I really should be working on my paper. I’m five pages into it and I need to at least get ten pages. I’m doing good I think. I’m curious what is an avatar anyway?

  6. flammable says:

    An avatar is pretty much the picture of that Triple H, or Matt, or Jack Sparrow. It’s a picture used to identify you. 🙂

  7. flammable says:

    I have a very, very little knowledge of the WWE. I think you mentioned his name a while ago, when you first used the avatar. I used to have a roommate that is a huge wrestling fan, too (he’s now a ref and a wrestler for a local league, actually).

    Sure, if there’s an icon of a character you like at that site (there’s a few others but I’d say The Iconfactory is the best), I can turn it into an avatar. They don’t usually draw characters, though…the Kill Bill set mostly contains swords and a few items that are unique to the movie.

    There’s a few Matrix icon sets, as well as Lord of the Rings. There’s a bunch of batmobiles, as well. If you click the Showroom you can see the new stuff, and the rest is in the Warehouse.

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