Raw is Marcos update

I looked up rajah.com, one of the wrestling rumor sites that I’ve been going to for years and it posted this about the RAW show that Melissa and I will be going to on July 11th:

According to the July issue of Cable Connection Monthly, the July 11 episode of RAW has the description “John Cena and the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin.” Of course, take that for what it’s worth, since WWE doesn’t plan ahead of time these days, but such a thing as an Austin appearance could very well be planned out that far ahead.

It would be awesome if John Cena is still there, I doubt he will be, tomorrow is the Vengence Pay Per View and I have a feeling he’ll be drafted back to Smackdown with the WWE championship. But if Stone Cold is there, that would be awesome. I haven’t seen him there live since December of 2000.

Here’s hoping.


2 thoughts on “Raw is Marcos update

  1. socramforever says:

    Yeah me too! Melissa also has a new friend of her’s coming from the job that she just got and this girl loves pro wrestling. So that’s cool. I hope she’s up to date on all things RAW. 😛

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