Weird Pics

After an entire two days of working on my papers, I believe that I am now about 95 % done with them. Tomorrow I will return to work (at Warnock) and then come back to finish whatever needs to be done. I am excited and glade that this class is almost over. Wednesday is the last day.

Anyway, I have had the distinct pleasure of finding a whole bunch of weird pics and small little files and I’m going to post them here for you.

Don’t ask me where I found them but please comment on them.

This next one I don’t even understand

And I just thought this was cool:

And for those who don’t think that, you can

and if that wasn’t enough of a hint, try this one on for size:

I’m out for now, man I get nasty when I don’t get sleep, enjoy the page full of pics and files.


PS because I’m on a wwe diva kick, here is a hot pic of victoria:

Victoria however is not apart of the weird pics…

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