Accidental Findings

Yeah, so early today, in the morning, I was on a computer at work and I was a little annoyed about how the same desktop had been on for a long time and it was from I remember going to that website when I was a junior and senior in high school, I can’t believe that it is still on. Anyway, I decided to type in digital blasphemy pics on the google image thing and a bunch of cool desktops pop up. I’ll post those later. Anyway, something else came up too.

Now, not really all that exciting, but I found a pic that stood out and made me look at the site. Its a stupid site, I don’t get it, here are some pics from the site which is called: OUR PICTURES FROM BURNING MAN 97. (for those interested here is the website:

after clicking on a link on the prometheus page, the icon at the top that looked like this:

and here is a link to the site that was attached to it:

I figured it was a yearly event or something. But I didn’t even read anymore.

Here are a few more pictures:

This girl’s name is Bree, remember that for later:

Now the next pic was the one I found at work before and I was shocked to have found it under the digital blaspemey search that I put up, so here it is for all of you. I think you remember her name, its Bree. Tell me what you think.

upon further research I found these two pics:

Interesting shit huh? All found by accident.

Here is one last one that I found by chance just scrolling down the page:

Crazy website, that was about it for the cool pictures. What the burning man is I don’t know. I do know that these people had some fun back in 1997. I wonder if they even know this shit is still on the internet.

I wish I would come across more things like this by accident.

Later. I’m off to bed.


PS Send me your accidental findings, doesn’t have to be like this, even if its something that you are pleasantly surprised to have found.

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